For the distributor

We direct our commitment and energy towards production. We want our products to be of the highest quality and meet all market requirements – from innovative projects, through long-term durability, to aesthetic design. As a company, we do not conduct direct sales – we focus on what we do best. However, we want our customers to have the best experiences with our company’s products. We work with the best wholesalers and stores the quality and precision of which have never let us down.

We want our relationships to be successful and our common goal to be as easy to achieve as possible. On our part, we support both distributors with whom we have a long-term relationship and beginner professionals who need substantive help in selling our products.

We want you to easily become familiar with our product series and the details of individual products, and that the necessary data are in one place, in an accessible and condensed form. In the distributor’s zone you may find sales materials, new portfolio items and advice on the use of our products.

On our website you may find all the information that will make your everyday work easier – special offers for distributors, a map with marked areas of operation of our sales representatives, contact details and necessary files for downloading. Be sure to check:

  • Promotion Cards and Sale – Containing weekly special offers prepared for distributors. Don’t miss the opportunity, because every Monday we prepare something new for you.
  • Product search engine – Thanks to which you may find our products by code, name and even colour.
  • Files for download – All technical drawings, 3D models, price lists and catalogues necessary for work are ready for download and use.
  • Trader Map – Division into voivodeships and counties makes it easier to find a Sales Representative serving the region where you operate and reside.
  • Contact form in the Contact tab – If you have additional questions, doubts or need information that is not available on the website – write to us. We will be happy to help you with any issue within 24 hours.

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