Why Valvex S.A.?

Valvex is a company with traditions, operating in Lesser Poland since 1970. This is where the heart of the organisation beats, here we gain experience, learn and create products that are sent in many directions around the world. Together, we try to influence the progress of the region and employ people who want to grow with us – in a Polish company that aims high – beyond borders.

When creating the highest quality products, we know that the key to success are two things: appropriate raw materials and qualified employees with a passion for action. Thanks to them, we can be proud of the creative approach to the product, responsible attention to every detail, efficient solution of every emerging problem and a positive approach to the customer.

Knowing this, we want to learn more every day about being a fair and committed employer. We implement high standards in respecting employee rights, employment policy and organising safe working conditions. We create a work environment open to the development of our employees’ passions and talents, building an atmosphere of mutual support and help. We are open to the need for employees’ self-fulfilment, creating real conditions for acquiring new competences – individually or in entire teams.

We are looking for people ready to create a good team with us – open to new experiences, challenges and building a positive atmosphere together. If you share our values, understand the value of high quality, respect for the product and you feel the need to develop your skills, join us. Start working in an international company that has manufactures locally.

Our values

1. Teamwork

Teamwork – We create teams composed of creative, competent people who are ready to learn and gain new experiences. Their main advantage is mutual support and exchange of ideas, which improve the quality of work, innovative activities and increase the competitiveness of the company. When you work with us, you are not alone – you become part of a team that helps you bring out the best in yourself.

2. Cooperation and respect

We operate as a team in which mutual support, motivation and substantive assistance are the basis for everyday activities. As a whole, we want to have a positive impact on each employee, and the creativity and commitment of each of you has a positive impact on us. Mutual influence and respect for each organisation participant is a necessary force for development.

3. Customer’s satisfaction

We create our portfolio for people – their contentment, long-term satisfaction with use and meeting their aesthetic needs. We want our products to be present in many rooms, helping to create a cosy and homely atmosphere. That is why we do everything to ensure that our goods are of the highest quality and that our customer service is impeccable. We respect the customer’s time, needs and expectations.

4. Innovation

When the world changes, we want to develop with it. We know that creative solutions are necessary in our industry – modern design, technology and water saving systems are the elements sought by our customers. Your ideas for innovative ways to solve problems are our chance to increase their satisfaction.

5. Communication

Working in a company as large as ours requires creating appropriate communication structures. We want every employee to have equal access to information regardless of their position. We also believe in the culture of expression – properly constructed criticism and words of appreciation. We know that proper communication between employees improves problem-solving processes and allows to avoid unnecessary conflicts.