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We create our portfolio from beginning to end – from design processes, through product manufacturing, to quality tests before releasing it to the market. Thanks to this, we can supervise and take care of every detail ourselves. Our strength and main priority is maintaining the highest quality, so we choose materials and production methods that guarantee high standards. Each of our products undergoes very detailed technical tests, and each production process is periodically reviewed. We take all steps to provide our customers with functional, damage-resistant, durable and failure-free solutions for as long as possible. We believe in quality, sense of security and the mission of supporting you in creating a place to live for years to come. That is why most of our products come with a 25-year warranty.

25-year warranty for our products
Complaint handling within 48 hours

Spare parts

As an experienced manufacturer of fittings, we know which product elements wear out faster during operation and which will never achieve a similar level of durability as parts covered by a 25-year warranty. These include replaceable elements such as mesh filter inserts. These parts are not covered by the warranty.

However, we want to do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy using our products and are not disturbed by interruptions due to failures. On our website, in the card of each product, you may easily find information about spare parts and their code, which allows you to quickly identify the worn element and purchase it from the nearest supplier.

Correct use

For our part, we guarantee, before delivering the final product, we made sure that it meets the highest standards. To be able to enjoy the maximum time of use, we recommend that you read the manual carefully just before using it for the first time. The manufacturer’s recommendations allow you to avoid assembly errors, such as tightening the faucet hoses too tightly, and thus take advantage of the full possibilities offered by the product from the very beginning.

Knowing how important the design of products and their impeccable appearance in your rooms are to you, we have also prepared detailed instructions on how to properly clean faucet coatings. 

On our website you may find a section with tips and tutorial videos that show and explain exactly how to properly use installation and sanitary fittings. We care about nothing more than your satisfaction with using the product – awareness of the rules and knowledge of the product’s needs certainly results in its better reception and longer, reliable operation.


In the event of damage to the product or its incorrect operation, please, immediately submit a written complaint on our website via the form or at the sales point where you made the purchase. In both cases, it is important to provide the following documents:

  • A complaint containing user data and a detailed description of the failure
  • A photocopy of the document confirming the purchase
  • A completed, stamped warranty card with a clear purchase date – in the case of products with individual warranty cards
  • Photos of the damage are welcome

Our team will consider your complaint within 14 days of receiving the complaint or a defective product.

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