Brand pillars

We create with the future in mind

When manufacturing installation and sanitary fittings, we are guided by the customer’s interest. Through strict quality control procedures and the use of the latest technologies, we strive to create the highest quality products. Products that stay with you as long as possible, fulfilling their role in a way close to perfection.

We operate in a socially responsible manner. As a committed and cooperative team, our daily work is guided by the principles of Lean Manufacturing, eliminating the waste of resources – time, material, personnel and energy. Knowing the consequences of acting against the environment, we try to minimise our negative impact while maintaining high standards. So that our customers get the same product with the same quality they have known for years.

We base our production on 4 main value pillars: built-in quality, safety, short lead time and continuous improvement.

We have been guided by them for years, knowing that the stability of standards and principles is a solid foundation necessary for the functioning of the company. We focus on standardisation, the 5S system and continuous development of employees by increasing their commitment, awareness and sense of confidence in action.

Continuous improvement

We believe that the company’s development is possible thanks to its employees. We have introduced the Kaizen system into our business strategy to engage every member of our community in action. Thanks to the Good Ideas Exchange, we jointly look for ways to improve all areas of the organisation.

Modern machinery

Creating a modern product is not possible without appropriate machinery and competent employees. Since 2016, we have been carrying out systematic and complete modernisation of production lines. We have state-of-the-art equipment, such as CNC machines and a device for coating faucets with a PVD coating, which guarantees the product’s high resistance to abrasion.

12 production lines allow us to achieve maximum production capacity of 2.5 million pieces of sanitary and installation fittings per month, and therefore short lead times.

High standardisation allows for production in high safety standards, which translates into positive working conditions and the creation of an atmosphere conducive to the development of employees.

Built-in quality

We work for our customers, thinking about the environment. Our goals are confirmed by two ISO certificates – 9001 awarded to the highest quality products and 14001 equivalent to fully ecological technologies. We don’t stop – we develop every aspect of our business, taking care of the community around us.

We are the only company in Poland that has a machine for coating faucets with the PVD, thanks to which our products are extremely durable and resistant to damage.

We create solid and ecological products

As a manufacturer of sanitary fittings inextricably linked to water – the most valuable raw material for humans – we have a special obligation to the nature surrounding us. Therefore, products with our logo are environmentally friendly.

By “environmental protection” we mean protection of water, soil and air, as well as waste management.

Our company, in addition to the formal and legal status in this area and having the appropriate permits, continues to invest in green solutions.

We change in line with the real world. We adapt our ways of heating facilities and using non-renewable resources so that our presence does not have a negative impact on the environment.

We also support you in making pro-ecological decisions. Our products help in water saving processes, without compromising the attractive design and affordable prices.

In a nationwide plebiscite regarding the popularity of products and services among consumers, Valvex S.A. was awarded the 2021 Golden Customer Laurel in the category: Ecological strategies in business and industry. Thank you for your trust and we promise to continue to keep meeting your needs.

Pro-ecological assortment

Your ecological decisions motivate us to act. We create projects anew, putting the planet first. Our faucets are equipped with aerators that reduce water consumption by up to 50%, and thanks to precise regulation, users have full control over its stream.

Products with tested tightness

At the level of installation fittings, Valvex cares about the environment by producing solid valves that guarantee tightness. Eliminating a leak in the installation results in significant savings in water consumption. And if there is another liquid flowing in the pipes, we protect the surroundings from contamination.

We limit the impact of production on the environment

We make every effort to ensure that the technology used in our plant does not harm nature. For this purpose, we have implemented an Environmental Management System, and our methods are consistent with the international ISO 14001 standard, the certificate of which we obtained in November 2009, confirming compliance of procedures with the standard.

Less waste

An extensive production organisation system minimises the consumption of raw materials and media, and quality control ensures that inferior products are not manufactured. Thanks to this, we use less energy and introduce less waste into the environment.

Thanks to ISO 14001, we protect the natural environment.


Faucets famous for ergonomics and original design

Valvex designers are a team of exceptionally ambitious people united by experience and a passion for creating.

The team members are real artists with a rational approach to design, thanks to which our portfolio includes faucets that perfectly match any interior. The result of the work of a professional team are functional faucets famous for their ergonomics and original design. Our designers have created three unique product lines: Glamour, Sublime and Life. Each of them contains several series of kitchen, washbasin, bathtub, shower and bidet faucets. All this to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of kitchen and bathroom equipment.

Our products have been awarded many prestigious awards, including:

  • Design Award for Connoisseur 2016 for the Carré concealed set
  • Design Award for Connoisseur 2016 for the Aurora Rose Gold concealed set
  • Number 1 among ball valve manufacturers – KERALLA RESEARCH Institute in Q1 2017
  • Consumer Quality Leader 2018
  • Design Award for Connoisseur 2018 for the Aurora Rose Gold concealed set
  • Finalist of the “Dobry Wzór” 2018 competition – QUASAR kitchen faucet with the MIKADO aerator
  • Nomination for the Debut of the Year title – mixing set with the CONTROLMIX three-way valve and V-MIX ST 10/230 actuator – OSFIS plebiscite, 2019 edition
  • Nomination for the Product of the Year title – ORION gas ball valve – OSFIS plebiscite, 2019 edition

Our products combine simplicity of use with a modern look.


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