FARO 5-function shower set with soap dish

Series: Faro
Product code: 2449960

Five-function shower set

FARO is a shower by Valvex, designed in a cost-effective and functional manner. The rule that predominates here is: the simpler, the more beautiful. Thanks to the flow regulator, the low-flow system guarantees water consumption reduction by even 50%. The regulated mounting arrangement is a bow to those who want to replace the old shower with a new one quickly, and without having to drill additional holes. The antitwist system prevents the shower hose from twisting, so that nothing can bother us during the shower. The multifunctional shower handle with the easy clean system allows for choosing one of the five streams depending on the mood:


strumień normalny Normal stream – the most standard, refreshing and ideal for a morning shower.
strumień masujący Massage stream – the intense, strong water stream is a great choice for a relaxing shower after training, or another kind of physical exercise; it perfectly relaxes muscles and works very well as a cellulite-fight-aiding device.
strumień musujący Enjoy stream – delicately stroking, relaxing water stream, a fantastic way for soothing your body and putting your mind at ease in the evening.
strumień mieszany Mixed stream – is a combination of the normal stream with the other ones: the enjoy stream, massage stream, or rain stream.
Montage Wall-mounted
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Technical drawing
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