Black. The most dignified of all colours, sophisticated and tempting. Submit to its charm and immerse yourself in its deep tincture.


A classic white encounters stylish form, creating a perfectly balanced mixture of elegance and chic. Relish its taste!


As the northern lights dawn brightly, it is born from concealed wishes… Dazzling like a stellar illumination.

Three-way mixing valve CONTROLMIX3

New products – Three-way mixing valve CONTROLMIX3 and Four-way mixing valve CONTROLMIX4

PROFFmix & PROFFco without pump

PROFFmix Pumping mixing unit without pump & PROFFco Pumping mixing unit without pump

Saving every drop…

As a manufacturer of sanitary fittings, for which water is the natural environment – the most valuable resource for man – we have a special obligation to the nature surrounding us.