Modern design, richness of colour, functionality. A series of innovative ARS faucets is now available!

News |09 / 02 / 2024

When choosing sanitary fittings for your bathroom, are you guided by innovative design and modern colours? Do you pay attention to functional features and care about intuitive operation? Or maybe the ecological aspect is important to you and you do not want to waste water unnecessarily…? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, the ARS series is the answer to your needs!

You say “ARS”, you think: “stylish, innovative, functional”

ARS is an innovative line of bathroom faucets where remarkable design meets a beautiful colour. Modern technologies translate here into environmentally friendly solutions, so that you do not use more water than you really need.

The series includes four types of faucets – floor-standing and concealed washbasin faucets, as well as wall-mounted faucets – bathtub faucets and shower faucets. It also includes concealed shower sets and three-function shower columns.

The versatility of the series and its complementarity are highlighted by the variants of finishes. Each of the mixer taps and each of the sets is available in four finish options – Chrome, Black, Satin Copper and Brushed Gold. The last two of these finish options are produced using PVD technology, which is an innovative method of coating. The colours resulting from the use of the PVD technology are the essence of beauty and modern design! It is characterised by very high surface hardness and resistance to abrasion and discoloration. This makes sanitary fittings finished with the PVD technology an excellent choice for both residential and hotel projects.

Washbasin faucets – comfort and savings

ARS washbasin faucets are an unconventional combination of functional features and modern design. The body is made of the highest quality brass. The heart of the faucet is a ceramic mixing head, thanks to which you can quickly and smoothly set the stream strength and the desired water temperature. The high quality of the mixing valve translates into trouble-free operation of the faucet.

Designed with environmental protection in mind, the aerator with the SAVE MONEY System, with the Z water flow class, ensures water consumption in washbasin faucets at the level of <9 l/min. Thanks to the faucet, you care not only about the environment, but also about your wallet.

Speaking of functionality, we should mention the EASY FIX System. It makes faucet installation extremely easy – even for people without technical skills.

Shower columns – design and functionality

An integral element of the ARS series are three-function shower columns. Their components, and at the same time functions, are a rain shower, a shower head and a spout. The individual functions of the column are activated by clicking on one of the three delicate square buttons located in the body.

The SLIM steel rain shower has a square shape with a side of 25 cm and a thickness of only 2.5 mm. Thanks to the use of the EASY CLEAN System, a solution that facilitates the removal of accumulated limescale from the rain shower nozzle, it is extremely easy to clean.

The second element of the column is a shower head, which also uses the EASY CLEAN solution. Its main functionality is the MAGIC CLICK System, which allows you to set three types of streams. Just click the button on the body and… enjoy home SPA in your own bathroom! Moreover, the shower head is connected to a 1.5 metre braided stainless steel hose, the integral part of which is the ANTI TWIST System. It prevents the hose from twisting when you take a shower. Another important functionality used in the shower head is the sliding handle. Regardless of your height, it allows you to freely adjust the height of the shower head.

The last of the mentioned elements of the column is the spout, subtly hidden in the body. We use it when we want to quickly wash our hands under a larger stream, or when we want to fill an external container with water or clean something. The movable aerator disk allows you to change the direction of the stream, which further highlights the functionality of the solution.

Concealed shower sets – minimalism and additional space

Minimalist, dual-function concealed shower set is an alternative to the shower column. If you prefer a discreet installation in the wall and more space under the shower, this is the perfect solution for you.

Switching from the rain shower to the shower head takes place using a ceramic switch. Turn the lever by 90 degrees and the water will start flowing from the rain shower or the shower head – depending on your needs. Advantages of the solution…? Intuitive, easy to use, durable and reliable.

Moreover, an integral solution of the shower hose is the ANTI TWIST System, and of the shower head – the MAGIC CLICK System.

Why is it worth…?

To sum up – when you say “ARS”, you think: “stylish, innovative, functional”. This series is the embodiment of the features that each of us expects from modern sanitary fittings. Extreme versatility, functions that allow you to save water and use available solutions as efficiently as possible, and finally, fashionable design and eye-catching colours. What more could you want…?

Check out the entire ARS series product range on our website now and choose the faucets you would like to see in your bathroom!


At the beginning of February 2024, the ARS series was expanded to include a 4-hole bathtub faucet, offered in a set with a shower head and a shower hose. Just like the entire ARS series, the new faucet is available in four colours. In addition to the classic Chrome and Black coatings, it is also available in Brushed Gold and Satin Copper shades.