SPIN DN 25 and SPIN DN 20 valves with filter and neodymium magnet now on sale!

News |15 / 06 / 2023

Better protection and new connection options. Valvex expands its portfolio of valves for fitters.

A randomly selected retail customer planning to furnish or renovate their apartment associates the “Valvex” slogan with the brand of sanitary faucets. People with a slightly better understanding of the topic, often resulting from a comprehensive analysis of portfolios available on the market, may additionally link it with Polish capital and production that has been developed for many years in the plant in Jordanów, Lesser Poland. These are absolutely right and at the same time prestigious connections for the Polish manufacturer. After all, not every brand offering modern sanitary fittings can be proud of the 100-year heritage and, at the same time, be based on Polish technological thought. If we add the investment of local currency in the development of machinery that enables production in the country based on high-quality components, we get the image of a company with a well-deserved position as one of the leaders in its field.

Among numerous specialists in the construction industry – especially fitters – Valvex is not only a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen faucets, but above all a domestic leader in the segment of ball valves and installation fittings. The company from Jordanów was the first in Poland to introduce ball valves to the domestic market in 1992, based on its own concept. Since then, there have been 30 years of continuous development – both at the level of technical resources and the offered product range. This involved continuous improvement of existing products as well as the creation of new valves – for use in water, gas and heating installations.

As Valvex wants to develop its position in the industry, also on foreign markets, it strives to constantly develop its portfolio. Improving existing products is one thing, but introducing new solutions is another. Production based on high-quality components, unique design solutions and rigorous tightness tests are factors that guarantee the introduction to the market of products tailored to the most advanced construction projects.

The two newest items are the SPIN DN 25 ball valve – available in two versions – and the SPIN DN 20 angle valve with a filter and a neodymium magnet.

What is worth knowing about them…?

SPIN DN 25 is an ergonomic solution for connecting internal heat pump units – also with a cooling function – and other devices operating in central heating, hot and cold water and cooling installations. Two versions of the valve are available: G1–G1 with a nut with a diameter of 1” and G1–G5/4 with a nut with a diameter of 5/4”. Their dimensions determine the possibility of connecting them with devices equipped with connections with external threads of the same dimensions. Valves in the G1–G1 version may be used to connect devices such as a zone valve, dirt separator, hydraulic coupling or pump group.

Importantly, in combination with SPIN DN 20 valves, SPIN DN 25 valves are a practical solution for connecting indoor units of heat pumps with many connections of different diameters.

SPIN DN 20 with filter and neodymium magnet is a valve designed to protect installation elements against solid and magnetic contamination. It is used in hot and cold water supply installations, as well as central heating and cooling installations. It is especially recommended for use in gas boiler installations with a 3/4″ diameter connection. It may also be used in other installations where it is necessary to protect circulation pumps and exchangers against magnetic particles.

The key parameter that distinguishes SPIN DN 20 is the magnet force of 6200 Gs, which, taking into account its value in relation to the valve size, makes it one of the most versatile valves on the Polish market. Its small size compared to standard magnetic separators allows for installation in installations with limited fitting space.

 Equipping the valve with a neodymium magnet is intended to remove magnetic contamination from the medium in the installation. Magnetic particles not only pose a threat to the operation of circulation pumps, but may also cause a decrease in the efficiency of exchangers in heating devices. Although these contaminants occur in the installation mainly as a result of corrosion processes, they may also be residues from installation work. The use of magnetic filtration is recommended for both old and new installations. The second key element of the valve is the mesh filter responsible for catching remaining non-magnetic solid contaminants.

Placing the magnet in a tight, removable cover protects it against corrosion processes and also allows for thorough cleaning of individual elements from accumulated magnetic particles. When you pull the magnet out of the cover, the particles fall off on their own. It would be impossible to remove them directly from the magnet.

Detailed information about the SPIN DN 20 valve with a filter and neodymium magnet can be found on our website and in a dedicated brochure.

To sum up, with the introduction of two new valves to the market, Valvex meets the expectations of fitters looking for additional solutions in the field of connecting and securing key installation elements. On the one hand, they get the SPIN DN 25 valve – a universal ball valve in terms of connection options, designed mainly for the needs of connecting heat pumps. The second novelty is the compact and easy-to-clean SPIN DN 20 angle valve with a filter and a neodymium magnet. It protects key elements of the installation and provides comprehensive protection against solid and magnetic contamination. Among its many advantages, it should also be emphasised that it can be used wherever larger magnetic separators cannot fit.